CFP RGS IBG 2014 Collaborative research for an increasingly mobile and ageing world

Collaborative research for an increasingly mobile and ageing world

CFP for RGS IBG annual conference 26-29 August 2014

Sponsored by the Developing Areas Research Group DARG

Tanja Bastia

University of Manchester

Migration has significant consequences for the family members ‘left behind’, not just children but also the elderly.  However, thus far the literature on the social consequences of migration for the ‘left behind’ has focused overwhelming on children.  In this session we propose to shift the focus towards the elderly.  What are the consequences of migration for the older generation?  What strategies do they employ to juggle their multiple responsibilities?  How are societies and communities reorganised to take into account the absence of the younger generation?  In addition, the migration literature has also overlooked the migration of older people.  How do older migrants experience work and life abroad?  What challenges and satisfactions do they encounter?

The panel seeks innovative studies that push the boundaries of current knowledge on ageing and migration.  In addition, it also welcomes studies carried out collaboratively with older people, organisations working with older people such as NGOs or service departments, including action research with a view of discussing alternative research formats that can feed into policy or service provision.

Please send 300 word abstract to by 24th January 2014, including your name and contact details.

For further information about the conference, please see

New book

Two of the speakers from the DARG sponsored session “Beyond Securitisation: Military actors in development” at the 2013 RGS-IBG conference have just published a book related to their presentation.
Dhirendra K. Vajpeyi and Glen Segell (eds.) Civil-Military Relationships in Developing Countries. (Lexington Books) ISBN 978-0-7391-8280-2 (hardback) / 978-0-7391-8281-9 ( e-Book)  Publishers Web:
For details please contact: Glen Segell” <

International Fieldwork in Development Contexts: Postgraduate Training Workshop Newcastle University, 6th-7th February 2013

International Fieldwork in Development Contexts: Postgraduate Training Workshop. 
North East Doctoral Training Centre: ESRC Advanced Training ModuleThis will be held on the 6th -7th February at Newcastle University, Post Graduate Training Suite, 7th floor Daysh Building. To register please contact Ann Williamson-Forster DTC
Speakers include: Cheryl MacEwan (Durham University); Matt Baillie Smith and Katy Kenkins (Northumbria University); Nina Laurie and Susanne Speak (Newcastle University).
The workshop also involved a number of peer learning panels including presentations from and discussion with PGs who have recently completed fieldwork as well as an interactive  active panel with a number of students currently ‘in the field’.
All presenters will draw on personal experience and fieldwork case studies. A workshop pack will include further reading, key contacts and summaries.
Topics to be covered include:
·      Theoretical and Methodological Considerations.
Conceptualising the field; fieldwork at home and abroad; researcher positionality; politics of fieldwork; research in challenging situations (e.g. conflict areas), reflexivity.
·      Access and Ethics
Gaining entry and access to information, research sites, resources, subjects, communities; collecting sensitive, personal information; dealing with gender issues; confidentiality; peer pressure on research subjects; avoiding bias; social relationships of field research; research fatigue; expectations that the research will produce economic outcomes. 
·      Practical issues.
Bureaucratic requirements; visas; vaccinations; risk assessments; cultural considerations; safety for lone researchers; safety for women in the field, families and fieldwork.
·      Data Analysis and ensuring research has an impact (makes a difference)
This will explore what we can understand impact to be in development contexts and include examples from individual and collaborative research.

5th Annual Postgraduate Conference to be held on Tuesday 25th March 2013 at the University of Sheffield

The Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID) would like to announce the call for papers for the 5th Annual Postgraduate Conference to be held on Tuesday 25th March 2013 at the University of Sheffield.
The deadline for the call for papers is 24th January 2014
This event aims to provide a friendly academic atmosphere for postgraduate students from all over the UK to share and discuss their current research in international development. The meeting will showcase postgraduate research that has emerged from a range of disciplines. Active dialogue will be promoted between postgraduates at different stages in their research building a greater understanding of research at all levels.
The conference seeks papers that address Multidisciplinary Insights into International Development: Reconciling the Divided Priorities of One Global Nation.
If you wish to present a paper, please submit an abstract of 250 words to the organizing committee ( with the subject heading “SIID Conference Abstract’ by January 24th 2014. Further details regarding abstract submission and costs are attached. 
Further details will be made available in January.