Networks and information-sharing platforms

ACUSAfrica Network (Advancing Critical University Studies across Africa): network and online hub established to foreground and collaborate on scholarship for advancing Critical University Studies across Africa, in dialogue with scholarship from across the global South and excluded North. Through the critical study of higher education, the endeavour is “to find ‘other’ ways to study universities which are capable of thinking plural forms of emancipatory higher education imaginations and futures. URL:

Black Geographers: Advocacy, information-sharing and mentoring network aimed at engaging students from both black and minority ethnic groups with geographical discourse that is both up to date and relevant to the changing world around them. URL:

Building the Anti-racist Classroom (BARC) Collective: shared interest in decolonising critical management studies and scholar-activism. Website contains recommended readings, events and other resources. URL:

Colonial-Postcolonial-Decolonial BISA (CPD-BISA), Working Group of the British International Studies Association. URL:

Convivial Thinking Blog: an open group of scholars thinking, working and writing on all issues related to post- and decolonial approaches in the context of development, development studies and beyond. URL:

Decolonial Dialogues: A new shared space for exchanging and advancing ideas and information about the decolonisation of knowledge – through activism, research, inclusive teaching and learning, and creativity. Contains sections including: Activism; Creativity (includes the site’s blog feed); Research (Ethics; Methods); PublicationsOnline ResourcesTeaching & LearningYour Voice (an online feedback/comments form); and News (clickable monthly calendar of blog posts and listings of forthcoming events, publications, etc.). URL: Twitter: @decolonialdial1.

Decolonize Sussex: student-led campaign that aims to raise awareness of and challenge the complex and varied legacies of racism, imperialism and colonialism within all spheres of our university. URL: Twitter: @DecoloniseS

Decolonising LSE Collective: collective of students, academics, professional services staff, and alumni working together to create awareness and encourage the practice of decolonising across the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Website hosts a blog, advertises events and talks, and shares resources. URL:

Ethics and Equity Centre, AGU: curates and shares resources for cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive scientific community. URL:

Oxford Brookes Conversations on race, racism and anti-racism: website contains a recommended reading list on anti-racism, and recorded events. URL:    

Race Ethnicity and Education Network (REEN), University of Exeter: The role of the Race, Ethnicity and Education Network (REEN) here in the Graduate School of Education is to explore race, racism and race inequality in education contexts both in the home nations of the UK and internationally. Supporting debate and critical thinking is a key activity for our group. REEN exists to foster solidarity between academics, community members and educational professionals on issues of social justice. We seek to link professional practice to current theories and thinking about race, racism and race inequality. URL: