Early Career Best Paper Prize (awarded with IDPR Journal)

DevRG is excited to announce the 2023 DevGRG/ International Development Planning (IDPR) Review Paper Prize for Early Career Researchers. This prize will be given to the best paper presented at a DevGRG sponsored session at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2023, as presented within a DevGRG Sponsored session. The winner will receive the chance to work with the editors of IDPR Journal (Dr Dan Hammett & Dr Glyn Williams) to develop their paper for publication. Candidates will submit an abstract and a paper outline to be judged by a panel. The paper will then undergo a normal peer review process.

Entrants must:

  • Be presenting in a DevGRG sponsored session
  • Be an early career researcher (defined as researchers not on a permanent academic contract within 10 years of their PhD or within 5 years of completion with a permanent contract) (plus any relevant extensions to this period for parental leave or other necessary career break)

Details on how to submit will be made available shortly.