External funding

This page is intended to act as a portal to relevant organisations and funding bodies, providing further information on a range of grants and funding opportunities.

RGS-IBG Grants

RGS-IBG Grants

Over 90 grants in excess of £180,000 are awarded annually to experienced researchers working on cutting-edge projects and to teams of young, passionate geographers who are looking to get out into the field for the first time. Research has been conducted in more than 120 countries, from Namibia to Brazil to Greenland.


RGS-IBG Geography Outdoors

The centre supporting field research, exploration and outdoor learning. Visit Geography Outdoors website

Geography Outdoors
Geography Outdoors

Geography Outdoors provides advice, training and resources for those planning research projects overseas. Plan your research project with support from Geography Outdoors:

Find a site for your study, using the World Register of Field Centres.

Follow step by step guidance in planning your research project in the Expedition Handbook and on our planning an expedition web pages.

Geography Outdoors

Research your project area and research what others have done using the RGS-IBG Expeditions Database. 

Resources for those looking for expedition funding include:

Publications – From Field Techniques to Expedition Health and Safety.

RGS-IBG Expedition Handbook – Read tips on fundraising.

“Fundraising to join an expedition” – Download the advice sheet.