How to join the development geographies Research Group (DevGeog).

There are two ways of joining DevGRG:

1. Through the RGS-IBG. Once you have completed the membership form, the Membership Office at the RGS-IBG will ask you which research groups you would like to join. If you select to join DevGRG, then the RGS-IBG will then forward membership information to DevGeog.

2. By joining DevGRG directly.

You have the choice of membership options:

Annual Membership:

Ordinary Membership: £5.00
Student/ Unwaged Membership: £2.00

5 Year Membership: £20

Life Membership: £50

To join, please complete the membership form and send it, with payment information, to the DevGRG Treasurer:

Regina Hansda


New Membership Form – New DevGRG Membership Form

Renewal Membership Form – DevRGR Membership Renewal Form

Privacy Notice

The RGS-IBG Research Groups privacy notice covers what you need to know about how we collect, use and look after your personal data if you decide to become a member of the Development Geographies Research Group or one of the other RGS-IBG Research Groups. More detailed information can also be found in the RGS-IBG’s main privacy policy.